Another Beautiful Timelapse Video of Cape Town

Here’s another beautiful video of Cape Town from self-taught photographer Brendon Wainwright. This time he has spent two years taking over 7,000 photos to create this exquisite time-lapse.

“I have been exploring Table Mountain National Park in pursuit of capturing its beauty like never seen before in a time-lapse video,” says Brendon. “This is 7,530 still images put together…

“This is Cape Town – aka the Mother City – in all her glory!”

He advises viewers to “enjoy with headphones. Sit back and relax.” (Watch the large version above, or smaller version here.)

Watch Video: I Am Cape Town 2

In August Brendon – who clearly loves Table Mountain passionately – uploaded the first ‘I Am Cape Town’ – which consisted of 6,240 images from the Park, capturing its weather.

Once again, the music is by Stefan Kruger.

Brendon thanked Table Mountain Cable Way company for “making sure I get to the summit within minutes to capture the beauty below.”

On his YouTube page, Brendon describes himself as an adrenalin junky with TMNP as his “playground”. It was his mother – with her film and video camera – who inspired him to take up photography.

He urges everyone to explore more – “wandering into the unknown and discovering hidden gems and unseen locations” – and says we can learn a lot from nature “if we simply open our eyes and aperture”. Nature, he says, “brings true balance to my life” (so it’s no surprise that he’s summited Lion’s Head over 110 times!)…

?HEAD Today exactly 3 years ago I witnessed this low cloud phenomenon below Lion's Head and Table Mountain National Park ? since this day I fell in love with this mountain and its surroundings ?? this was the best morning I've ever experienced on Lion's Head and I've submitted it 110 times ? and still can't get enough. Thanks to (@instagram?) new crop factor I'm able to share the full version of this photograph with you guys ? have a wonderful week further and remember never stop E✖️PLORING #tablemountain #7wondersofnature #ThisIsSouthAfrica #satourism #capetown #lionshead #southafrica #brendonwainwright #iamnikonsa #thruthelens #lowclouds #outsideisfree #seektheadventure #followyouradventure #ventureout #livetheadventure #hdr #goldenhour #welovecapetown #capetownlove

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