Two ambulance companies have been caught on camera racing each other to get to an emergency scene in East London, South Africa.

The dramatic video, which first surfaced on Facebook, shows two ambulances driving wrecklessly on the freeway as the vehicle in front – driven by Dynamic Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – hogs the road, drives in the middle of two lanes, and tries to prevent the vehicle behind – allegedly a Maponya 911 ambulance – from passing.

A passenger in the second vehicle, which was filming the incident, can be heard screaming in fear at one point.

Dynamic EMS has since suspended the driver of the first vehicle “pending disciplinary action” and posted an apology on Thursday on their FB page saying: “The type of behaviour and driving in this particular case is completely unacceptable and totally against our company policies and procedures…

WATCH Video: Ambulance death race caught on camera

Uploaded by News24: “Dramatic footage of two ambulances racing one another to get to an accident scene near East London has surfaced on Facebook.”

“Our main priority is saving lives and ensuring the patient receives the best medical attention they deserve together with all other emergency medical services, working hand-in-hand.

“From the management team at Dynamic EMS, we would like to apologise for the behaviour of this particular staff member.”

According to News24, profit for private ambulance companies in South Africa is dependent on how many patients they transport to hospital.

(We’d just like to also say thank you to all those wonderful SA EMS drivers and crew who do a fantastic job, for which we are very grateful!)