WATCH Breathtaking Aerial Video: “South Africa Is a Beautiful Place”

Breathtaking landscapes. Abundant wildlife. Vineyards. Ocean views. Mountains and more. It’s the video everyone’s sharing this week: “Incredible Drone Footage from South Africa”. It was uploaded by Unilad on Monday, and has already attracted over 3.9 million views. UPDATE 27 March 2017: It’s just over a year later and the video now has almost 8 million views and has started going viral all over again! Watch to see why…

“South Africa is a beautiful place…” says Unilad.

The footage was filmed by a French drone-enthusiast Robin Icare, who uploaded it on 3 December 2015 with the words “Howzit South Africa!!!” Howzit Robin and thanks for showcasing South Africa so beautifully!

Watch Video (the original): Test flight in South Africa | Parrot Bebop 2 drone

Same Video…as Posted by Unilad:

Incredible Drone Footage From South AfricaSouth Africa is a beautiful place… Posted by UNILAD on Sunday, 10 January 2016