The Banner May Have Fallen in SA…But It’s “Taking Off” Worldwide

The controversial #ZumaMustFall banner may have been physically pulled down in Cape Town…but it’s been resurrected by several users of social media including photoshopped pictures of the banner hanging in New York’s Times Square (which has gone viral), Piccadilly Circus in London and taking off on a hot air balloon…proving that even in the most heated of debates, South Africans find a way through humour and creativity to express themselves!

ZumaMustFall Banner in New York
Source: FB/Devon Richard Brittle

Journalist Andrew Donaldson posted the following pic with this message: “So the goon squad thought-control fascists came and tore down the billboard. But, hey, I’ve put it back up again. Let’s share.”

Banner up again
Source: FB/Andrew Donaldson

And South African expat Devon Richard Brittle‎ posted photoshopped photos of a Zuma billboard in several locations around the world, saying: “ANC… You didn’t think it would be that easy did you? You can stop a city, but you can’t stop the world! Just because we left SA doesn’t mean we don’t care!”

The conversations over social media since New Year’s Eve, and in response to comments like those from #PennySparrow, have been interesting and important. As Tshepo Motsitsi said in a brilliant article entitled ‘Race Relations – It’s About You and Me‘ – “That we as South Africans are talking about race is a positive sign, it’s an opportunity.”

Some people took that opportunity too far, causing one facebook user Gary Nel to post what became a very popular message on SAPeople’s facebook page: “To all my fellow whites. When you put all black people in one category, ‘black people are this and black people are that blah,blah,blah’ you are looking for trouble and alienating the very blacks that actually agree with you. Continue to insult black people at your own peril.

“This country is for all that live in it. SOME white people continue to poke the ‘sleeping bear’ and by sleeping bear I mean the black masses. Remember they outnumber us 10-1 and when he finally has had enough of your racist insults ALL white people are going to suffer. Do yourselves a favour and actually get to know your fellow human beings before posting underhanded racist comments.”

Facebook user Zandile Zazarish Mdedetyana agreed that “this Sparrow really ignited sparks with her big mouth. Now it’s back to square 1 and it’s gonna take time before we can learn to trust each other again.”

ZumaMustFall in London
Source: FB/Devon Richard Brittle

However, in the case of the #ZumaMustFall banner – this was not meant to be about race. Although the ANC claimed it was. One facebook user Bernine Kloppers’ comment was liked by many when she wrote: “NOTHING to do with race, everything to do with bad leadership!!!!!!!!”

Zuma Towers
Source: Twitter / @toni_gon

Her comment was liked by people of all races, united in a common dream for a well-run country that keeps their beloved South Africa safe and prosperous for all.

Facebook member Sean Michael Forrester summed up: “Zuma is busy bringing this country together, I say this because we are all coming together regardless of our differences to get rid of him #ZUMAMUSTFALL #RACISMMUSTFALL #UNITEDASONE.”

ZumaMustFall Balloon
Source: FB/Devon Richard Brittle

Sandile Mbonani pointed out, however, on SAPeople’s facebook page that there is only one way that will work, posting the below image and this message: “Petition: Fail | Protests: Fail | R400K Banner: Fail | Only way! (…as per the constitution)…”

Removal of President

Sandile later explained “Mbeki was removed by the NEC with two thirds votes based on clause 89 (1a), he compromised the constitution apparently and was accused of dividing the organisation.

“However, main point is, people shouldn’t waste time and money in all these campaigns as they are clearly futile and ineffective. Zuma will only fall through the ballots!”

And just to be clear…

New York Photo
Here’s the original of that New York photo that’s gone viral on social media with a photoshopped ZumaMustFall banner on it. Supplied by Cela da Costa.