Nigerians Protest After Death of Man in SA Police Custody

Chaos broke out in Kempton Park on Saturday after police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets following the death earlier of a Nigerian man in police custody.

A large group gathered outside the private hospital, as shown in this video:

According to various reports, Nigerians at the Arwyp Medical Centre in Kempton Park said the 38-year-old man, identified only as Ichaka, was smothered to death, while other reports said he swallowed crystal meth that was in his possession when his car was pulled over by the police.

Between 300 and 500 Nigerians gathered outside the hospital to protest against alleged police brutality, according to reports. One report said angry people had crowded around the police car in which the man had died.

The case has been handed over to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate for investigation. A police spokesman reportedly said the cause of death still had to be determined.

One news report said while the body of the man was being taken away, an angry crowd gathered, and the police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades.