Cape Town-based journalist Sarah Khan recently embarked on a week-long road trip through Namibia with three other women, and wrote about the experience for The New York Times. Along the way she learnt 10 (and a half) lessons.

kolmanskop namibia
Kolmanskop. Source:

Lesson 1. The Namibian sun is every bit as potent as you’ve heard.

2. As soon as you’ve booked your flight, book your 4-by-4.

3. A group of women road-tripping through the brutal terrain is an unusual sight.

4. Sleep at thousand-star hotels.

namibia lodge
At Kulala Desert Lodge. Source: Wilderness Safaris.
namibia lodge
The Namib Dune Star Camp, one of their lodges. Source: Gondwana Collection.

5. If you get the opportunity to run down a dune, take it.

namibia dunes
Source: Instagram @hanalulu124

6. Know how to change a flat tyre (or at least how to hail for help).

At Moose McGregor’s Bakery. Photo: Joao Silva. Source: Marion Lutz Facebook page.

6b. Always spring for tyre insurance.

7. The moon lies about 20 miles east of Swakopmund. (i.e. the Moon Landscape)

moon landscape namibia
Moon Landscape. Source: Twitter @diego_dfg

8. Namibians can be a trusting people.

9. Always yield to elephants.

namibia elephant
Source: Desert Elephant Conservation Facebook page.

10. Namibia gets under your skin.

sossusvlei namibia
Sossusvlei. Source: Instagram @staytoday_namibia

Along the way, they stayed at Egumbo Lodge, the Stiltz, Kulala Desert Lodge, Cape Cross Lodge and Namib Dune Star Camp.

Read the full New York Times article by Sarah Khan here.