WATCH The Cutest Baby Elephant Rescued in South Africa

The rescue of the cutest baby elephant by two brothers in Phalaborwa, South Africa, has been caught on film.

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) uploaded the video saying: “Bela, originally thought to be a female, has been renamed Amanzi, which means water in Zulu. When you watch this clip, it will make sense why…”

According to Mike Kendrick, a couple of people from Phalaborwa Copper mining company in Limpopo had reported the stranded calf to the Wildlife Supervisor, Johann McDonald. Apparently there were “numerous scuff marks” where the other elephant had desperately tried to bend down and rescue the calf. It’s believed these elephant left early in the morning when human activity around the mine would have increased.

Mike said: “Elephants form such strong family and maternal bonds that one can only imagine how distressed the baby, its mother and the herd must have been.”

Unfortunately after the rescue of the baby, Johann and his team repeatedly tried to reintroduce him to the breeding herds which were still nearby… but it wasn’t successful and the first herd’s matriarch pushed him off his feet.

“It was now around midday and the little calf began looking weak and in need of rehydration,” said Mike. “In quick response to the emergency call, the Elephants Alive team met Johann and the calf at the gate of Phalaborwa Copper.”

HESC wrote on YouTube: “brothers Johan Bezuidenhout and Quenton du Plessis were the rescuers who deserve a unanimous and global round of applause! There is such kindness in people.” (Listen to them as the talk to the baby, asking “waar is jou ma?”/”where’s your mom?”)

Watch Video: Orphaned baby elephant rescued from water