WATCH Trevor Take on the Trump in “Fascist Week 2016”

In his latest salvo against Donald Trump, the candidate who against all odds seems most likely to win the Republic presidential nomination in the United States, Trevor Noah this week riffed in the Daily Show on Trump’s similarity to the fascist of all fascists, Benito Mussolini.

The show has already generated its own hashtag, “FascistWeek2016”.

It did not help that Trump had actually tweeted a famous Mussolini line, but then said he didn’t know it was Mussolini’s. The quote was about rather living one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep. Noah said he would rather be a sheep, and that as a lion you would probably “land up being shot by some #$X* dentist from Minnesota”, referring to the Walter Palmer who infamously killed the Zimbabwean lion Cecil.

In an interview with the Baltimore Sun this week, Noah was asked if the material Trump inspired was a “delightful surprise”.

“That’s the funny thing: I’m not surprised. That’s the joy of coming into a situation with a different perspective. I’ve traveled the world. I’ve seen all different types of leaders winning all different types of elections. When I first took over at “The Daily Show,” people were all like, ‘Oh wow, does Trump shock you?’ I don’t find him shocking. I’ve seen leaders like him before. I’ve seen his style before. So I understand that this might be shocking to the electorate right now, but I’m going, “Yeah, this is just something that can happen, and I guess something that is happening now.

“I enjoy it to a certain degree but then what happens is Donald Trump almost overdoes it. I always used to complain about this in South Africa, where I said, ‘Politicians become so funny and there’s so much buffoonery that you end up not having anything to talk about.’ They give you the jokes, let’s be honest.”