WATCH Man Pulls Huge Python Out of Car Engine in Africa

YouTube is filled with videos of scared cats, rabbits…and even a woodchuck (groundhog) hiding in the engine of cars, but a family in Africa were the ones who were scared when they found something larger and more dangerous hidden in their bonnet – a massive African rock python.

Judging by the car registration plate, the incident appears to have taken place on a dusty road in Zimbabwe. It was uploaded a few days ago by Ziscography with a message saying: “Always check under your hood.”

An unnamed man successfully retrieves the python and sets it free, while a young – and quite distressed! – child can be heard and seen in the background.

Being southern Africa, the other adults filming and helping can be heard delivering classic lines like “geez like (jislaaik) it’s big”, “bad boy” and of course “bliksem“!

It’s not sure when the video was filmed, but it’s likely that the python sought out the engine for warmth. According to reports in Australian media the family had noticed a “strange sound and smell” coming from the engine…

Watch Video: Man finds and battles huge python under his car bonnet in Zimbabwe

(Watch above or below.)

Here’s another brilliant video, uploaded by the Kruger National Park in South Africa in 2013. It also features a rather large python (16-foot!) and an engine… According to Park officials, this was “one of the most amazing sightings ever recorded in Kruger”.

Watch Video: Huge Python hides under car bonnet in Kruger National Park