On my recent visit back to South Africa for two weeks, something really bothered me for a number of reasons.

I was at morning market in Sedgefield (near Knysna), which is fantastic and has a unique group of visitors – many foreigners. I had taken out my camera and was walking around with the camera bag open for a brief minute. A young lady (I suppose trying to be helpful) mentioned to me that my bag was open and then added, “This is Africa, you know!”

Next incident was at the airport in Johannesburg. After checking in and then having to go to security we were told that one security point was closed for construction. Normally access to the security point is pretty direct with no problems. However, this time there was a huge line snaking through the terminal – looked like it would take hours to get through from the length of the line.

As I joined the line, I said out loud with bit of surprise, “Is this the security line?” Of course there was that inevitable South African voice behind me that pipes up, “You’re in Africa now!”

My comment is, how stupid is this! Firstly the line moved faster than any security line I have been in that is that long in the US, and was very organised (although you had your typical queue jumpers).

These folks that like to compare South Africa to a third world country should hush up. Of course there are things we don’t like and annoy us in South Africa around some of what is happening. But those smarty pants that love to remind you that you are in Africa as if it is something bad are not doing their own country a favour!

I had to get that off my chest! Thanks.