Funny Video for South Africans: Let’s Go To London! Or Not!

The Brothers Streep have released a lighthearted fun song – “Let’s Go To London”… where they leave South Africa’s currently ‘bleak’ shores for the so-called greener pastures in London…but they don’t stay too long…

The song ends with the words: “We made a mistake, South Africa’s great / It’s got problems, but it’s not too late / It’s back to Cape Town!”

Ironically though… although the song depicts London as only having green pastures because “it’s been pouring”, the truth was that during filming “our weather in London was rather pleasant, making it hard to present the city as cold and uninviting, whilst the day we filmed in Cape Town was gloomy and overcast”!

In a note on their website, the Brothers Streep – who were touring the UK when they filmed the video  – say: “Contrary to the story in this song, we had a wonderful time in London, and can’t wait to journey there again.”

Watch Video: Let’s Go To London

You can download the MP3 here.