Watch the full versions of Al Jazeera’s interviews with South African opposition leaders Julius Malema (EFF) and Mmusi Maimane (Democratic Alliance) which have been making headlines in the press over the past few days.

In his interview with ‘Talk to Al Jazeera’, Malema talks about being ready to remove the Zuma ANC government by force if necessary, going as far as to threaten “we will run out of patience soon and remove this government through the barrel of a gun”… whilst also stating “Zuma is not our enemy. The ANC is not our enemy. They are standing in our way to crushing white monopoly capital, which has stolen our land, which controls the wealth of our country…”

On the other hand the DA leader Mmusi Maimane spoke to Al Jazeera about “fighting a system, not a race”.

Maimane believes he has the answers to South Africa’s problems. At a time of economic and political turmoil, he accuses the ANC of being focused less on the needs of the people, and more on the enrichment of its ruling elite.