Another Public South African Message of Gratitude to an Honest Man

A restaurant employee has been publically commended on social media for his honesty, a “rare trait in today’s world”, in what is becoming an increasingly popular South African phenomenon of reaching out to help or show appreciation for fellow citizens.

Nandos South Africa
Ntsimbi. Source: FB / Keith MacGillivray

A post by Gauteng resident Keith MacGillivray thanking Ntsimbi from Douglasdale Nandos for helping ensure his lost wallet was returned, with all its contents still in tact, has been shared by over 1,000 people.

MacGillivray wrote on facebook late last week: “Last night I misplaced my wallet. As you all know replacing the contents of one can be pretty time consuming, never mind the stress of having to cancel bank cards and reapply for drivers license and gym cards etcetera…

“This morning I got a whatsapp message from Ntsimbi at the Douglasdale Nandos indicating that my wallet was safe and that he would hold it for me until I could collect.

“I am posting this to commend you Ntsimbi for your honesty and help in returning my wallet with all its contents.

“Honesty is a rare trait in today’s world of vagaries and trickery. Keep up the good work!

“Nandos, take note of this man. You have a star employee on your team‪#‎nandos‬ ‪#‎goodsamaritan‬.”

MacGillivray added #‎givethatmanabells‬… although Nando’s may prefer to give Ntsimbi a Peach Nice-Tea (as promoted below in one of their recent adverts, referring to calls for President Zuma to be impeached).

Nandos Mmm peachment
Nando’s – famous for their chicken peri peri and their adverts – uploaded this ad a couple of days ago: “By popular demand #Impeachment”