South African musician Don Clarke wasn’t sure whether local audiences were ready for his next song – “Blame It On The Whites”.

After his extremely successful Zuma Must Fall video, Don was worried this one could be “completely misunderstood” and asked Facebook friends whether it was worth posting or not.

He explained that “ultimately it’s a reconciliation song with strong overtones about how unproductive blame can be. And it includes some humorous moments.”

He described the first chorus as ‘true’, the second as ‘sarcastic’, the third ‘ironic’ and the fourth ‘reconcilliatory’. He said that despite the fact that all the choruses are the same, except for the last, each verse renders the chorus differently. 

Within hours – while he was still monitoring comments to see if it would be safer to remove – he had his answer. The video had already begun going viral!

Don now says: “People, please share this song far and wide. This is an important message, whether you like the song or not. There is a lunatic fringe at work in this country right now who are using racism as a tool to sow division. Many thanks. Peace & love.”


As with Zuma Must Fall, this features Special Care & Friends.

One of Don’s other songs – ‘Roaring’ – was used at an anti-Trophy Hunting rally in Washington DC at the end of July. After receiving a heartwarming message from one of the conveners, Don said: “Music as a career can be unpredictable, fraught and, in a financial sense, unyielding. Which is why I always feel so rewarded when one of my songs is embraced and utilised for a good cause.”