JOHANNESBURG – The Joburg Council was forced to adjourn after a scuffle broke out between party agents over the secret ballot and voting process. The IEC has however said it’s satisfied with the process and counting, and has called for proceedings to continue.

The scuffle had broken out between the EFF Deputy President and an unknown Councillor. Both had to be physically restrained after they clashed.

Earlier there were scenes of jubilation as ANC and EFF supporters had an almost struggle-song sing-off! Watch below.

Councillors are voting today for the Speaker of Council and Mayor of the City of Joburg.

According to the City of Joburg there was a “euphoric aura in the City Hall as hundreds of people [sang and danced] in support of their candidates.” (See videos below.)

South Africans is expected to find out today whether the mayor will remain Parks Tau or be the DA’s Herman Mashaba. The IEC will assist with the process to elect a new Speaker of Council.

It’s been an interesting morning with accusations of bribery (the ANC allegedly tried to bribe EFF members to vote for their candidates) and trending hashtags #EFFSoldMyVote along with #Joburg and #JoburgMayor, as well as a couple of candidates withdrawing.

The DA cheered loudly when it was announced that the ballots would be white for the Speaker, blue for the Mayor (which happens to be the DA colour) and yellow for the Chief Whip.

While the EFF is not ecstatic with Mashaba, the party has said it will back the DA in its efforts to do anything to prevent the ANC from governing Joburg.

Proceedings were disrupted earlier by a skirmish in the public gallery; and police have been sent in to bring normalcy.

Scroll down for a live streaming video from City Hall.

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