Spring is in the air, and if you haven’t visited yet – the West Coast National Park is alive with fields of wonderful wild flowers (and animals). Fabulous photos on this page, taken this week, are by NIGEL RILEY and ROBYN GWILT.

West Coast Flowers4

Robyn says: “From the Canola fields last weekend to Dungeon’s on Wednesday, to the West Coast National Park for the flowers on Thursday… you can’t say there is nothing to do in the Western Cape! The riot of colour is something to behold with both the canola in the Caledon area, and flowers up the Weskus…”

West Coast Flowers3 West Coast Flowers2 West Coast Flowers

Wild Flowers 9 Wild Flowers 8 Wild Flowers 7 Wild Flowers 6 Wild Flowers 5 Wild Flowers 4 Wild Flowers 3 Wild Flowers animal Wild Flowers horse Wild Flowers 2 Wild Flowers 1 canola-field5 canola-field4 canola-field3 canola-field2 canola-field



UPDATE: West Coast flowers 2020