WATCH South African Bystanders Unite to Take on Carjackers!

Judging by this video, the local community in Durban has had enough of crime! When two assailants tried to hijack a vehicle in Pine Street, Durban, yesterday afternoon, passersby – including women – rushed in to fight them off on behalf of the victim in a show of “mob justice”.

The video from a surveillance camera was uploaded by Rivaaj Ramdas, who – according to his Facebook profile – is Director at Umvoti Light Newspaper.

It has already had a quarter of a million views in five hours. Ramdas says it “goes to show people are fed up with crime. We got to start fighting back. There is more of us than them. United we stand… One for All and All for One. An Injury to One is an Injury to All!”

Watch Video: South African bystanders take on carjackers

Ramdas uploaded the video together with a photo of one of the men who had been beaten up and described the scene as follows in a message which maybe reflects an exasperated community:

“2 Animal Maakries tried to hijack an elderly Muslim gentleman in Pine Street yesterday. I’m so glad that for once the community stood up and fought back as can be seen in the video.

“One of the animals escaped. …the other was smashed to a pulp as per the pic. … [deleted]….something I noticed about these hijackers. ….they behave like gongs when they hold guns to innocent victims ….but when they cornered and get caught and start getting smashed they cry like savage dogs. Bring back the Death Penalty. …so we can live a meaningful peaceful life . No other way.”

According to crime statistics released recently by the South African Police Services, contact crimes like murder and carjacking are on the increase – last year car-hijacking increased overall by 14.3% in South Africa.

UPDATE: Ramdas appears to have deleted his post but the video is still available above.