It’s Not ‘Free’ If I Am Paying for It, Poepol!

I’ve stripped my moer for these blooming students now! Hear ye! Hear ye! This is the most important paragraph of this whole piece:

The Government does not have any money! Not a single cent. It gets all its money from taxpayers! So when you are asking the ‘government’ for ‘Free’ education, you are asking ME, the taxpayer to pay for it. FREE education is as ‘free’ as Nkandla was ‘free.’ It’s not FREE if I am paying for it, poepol!


And if you are going to ask me to pay for your education, ask bloody nicely.

The least you can do is stop breaking things, burning things and have a bad attitude about it. But what you cannot do is DEMAND. It is my money. It is your parents’ money. Your friends’. Your family’s.

The government is already stealing my money in the form of tax, so I am not going to let you steal it as well, especially as your thieving and bullying technique is starting to piss me off.

If you want my money, ask for it nicely.

I would also like to suggest that you gather in a different place to ask for this money. Might I suggest the corner of William Nicol and the N1?

Make a placard and ask for it during peak hours, because that is what you are – a beggar. You seem to think you are something else, but you are not. At least be an honest beggar like your fellow cardboard-carrying colleagues on the corner. Gather in groups on our corners and hold up cards like:

“Viv! Yes you! How much are YOU prepared to pay for my tertiary education?”

At least it is honest and the transaction between a motorist and a beggar is consensual, plus the load of paying is split between many people.

Protesting and disrupting university activities amounts to bullying tactics. Also, by asking me directly, you are cutting out the red tape and corruption of government, so if I pledge to give you R1,000 towards your education, you will receive the whole R1,000.

If I give it to the government (tax), they will give R500 to the Guptas, a further R300 on corruption, R100 on red tape and only R100 will actually go to your tertiary education.

So you, see, standing on the street corner, begging for my contribution is the only honest and financially sensible way to go about things.

So, how much am I prepared to give you? Nothing. I never wanted to raise my own children and I don’t necessarily want to raise anyone else’s. Moreover, I understand that all of us paying for everyone else’s basic education (school) is a good idea for the whole society, I don’t believe a tertiary education is a ‘Right’ (whatever that is) and nor is it necessary for our economy to grow.

From research I understand that we need more activity in our agricultural and manufacturing areas, as well as small businesses. Degrees are not necessary for that.

What is necessary is a reasonable expectation for your future. It’s okay to be a plumber or a policeman. Not everyone is a CEO. Also, only a quarter of you guys eventually graduate after starting, so you really are not a good investment.

According to research, South Africans have a better chance of being employed if they have shown they have been able to hold down any type of job than when they march in with a degree.

I am an extremely generous person, but I would rather spend my money supporting small businesses and people who are willing to work.

I tip large, I support local small businesses over big franchises and pay triple what other people would for casual labour.

And think very carefully: who do you think I would rather give my money to:

The poor guy who stands in the blazing sun for 12 hours a day, with a smile on his face, desperately twirling batons to get a first decent meal in days or you – dikbek, entitled, delusional, destructive.

Not you. Not even the 5c worth of my opinion already spent.

You’ve crossed a line with me when you allow others to burn libraries without distancing yourselves from it. You think it is cool to ‘protest’, sitting with RayBans and I-Phones, many of you, trying to look cool. And those of you with rich parents, can simply fuck off.

Maybe you should try holding up a placard saying:

“Hey, Viv. If you pay for my education, maybe I will get a job and not come and rob you while you sleep.

Okay, now I am listening. Now there is something in it for me. Except, at the moment you are trying to rob me while I am awake. Fuck off.

See you on the corner of William Nicol and the N1 where you belong.

All photos and text © Viv Vermaak, and republished here with her kind permission. This article first appeared on Viv’s blog – Food for Thought with Viv – read it here

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