Kruger Lion Shows Foreign Tourist Who’s Boss

A foreign tourist to South Africa, named Ben, got the fright of his life when a lion reminded him just why all the warning signs tell game park visitors to keep their car windows closed!

According to Ben’s blog, he spent five weeks in the Kruger National Park… and it was one morning at about 5.30am when he saw this lion near Middlevlei.

He wrote: “On the previous afternoon I had seen him asleep under a nearby tree, and so after spending the night at Tsendze I headed back in the hope of seeing some activity. Luckily, there he was, patrolling along the main road…

“I decided to drive beside him and film as he walked, which didn’t seem to bother the lion at all… until I got a little bit ahead of him. Clearly he didn’t like to be overtaken, and he gave me a clear warning!

“Even though I hadn’t thought that I was disturbing him too much, it reminded me to always be respectful of an animal’s personal space.”

It’s not the lion’s roar that’s so scary… as Ben’s reaction which is so funny.

See more of Ben’s blog here: