While there’s a Jaws-like video that’s going viral right now (watch below), a passionate 14-year-old South African is doing his utmost to change public perception of sharks.

The viral video – viewed on YouTube over nine million times in the past couple of days – was filmed off Guadalupe Island and shows a “very rare occurrence” with a great white shark breaching a diving cage, after accidentally slamming into the side of it whilst eating tuna (which is the blood that you see, apparently).

The video uploader stresses that “the shark is not attacking the cage or the diver” (and yes, there was a diver inside the cage… although at first the boat crew seemed to think it was empty!)

Sharks cannot swim in reverse so it “plowed forward and busted the cage wall”.

The diver escaped scratch-fee. “An amazing experience with a happy ending!” said the YouTube uploader.

Great White Shark Cage Breach Accident

Meanwhile, this morning at TedX Cape Town, Grade 8 student Tom Foster shared his passion for sharks and ocean conservation with a worldwide audience who were streaming the talks.

The young Capetonian, from Michael Oak Waldorf, fell in love with the ocean and its inhabitants at a young age, having grown up spending all his free time swimming, snorkelling and diving along the Western Cape shoreline with his parents.

In his talk, titled ‘Sharks: my love, our life!’, Tom said that 60% of the world’s oxygen comes from the ocean; and as custodians of Planet Earth we have the duty to protect it. 

He said what better motivation to save something than the outcome of our own survival… and that “killing a shark would be like killing your best friend.” Watch below as he swims with sharks (“they came to me of their own free will”, he said)…