Enjoy a page of exquisite photos by RIA VILJOEN of the purple-lined avenues in Pretoria as the trees blossom, and their fallen petals carpet the streets… plus take a drive through Joburg with ALI RAZA at the bottom of the page.


“Some pictures are with the early morning sunbeams, others after the rain, others in the sunshine,” says Ria.


“It’s a purple spectacle which brings so many memories to all who once lived here. There are 70,000 trees in full bloom in the Jacaranda city.”


jacaranda-tree-pretoria jacaranda-tree-pretoria11 jacaranda-tree-pretoria10 jacaranda-tree-pretoria9 jacaranda-tree-pretoria8 jacaranda-tree-pretoria7 jacaranda-tree-pretoria6 jacaranda-tree-pretoria5 jacaranda-tree-pretoria4 jacaranda-tree-pretoria3 jacaranda-tree-pretoria2

And now… take a drive with Ali Raza through an avenue of Jacaranda trees in Houghton and Rosebank in Johannesburg, South Africa: