Trevor Noah in London Friday Night. Maybe He’ll Discuss His Bar Mitzvah!

South Africans in London will be able to see and listen to homegrown talent – and international star – Trevor Noah in conversation, at a rare one-night event in Westminster Central Hall, on Friday evening. And maybe he’ll discuss his Bar Mitzvah.

trevor-noahThe host of The Daily Show will be in conversation for the launch of his funny and moving new book Born a Crime.

The book’s sales are reportedly already doing well in the States. On Thursday Trevor announced on Facebook “I’m beyond excited to have my first book “Born A Crime” on the failing The New York Times bestseller list. I never imagined this was possible. Sad!”

Trevor was making fun of Donald Trump’s quote that the famous American daily newspaper is failing.

In ‘Born a Crime’ Trevor recounts several stories of his life growing up in South Africa where he was born a crime as the child of a white Swiss father and black Xhosa mother, a union which was illegal at the time of his birth.

It becomes apparent just what an incredible encouraging, humorous and loving force his mother has been in his life. One of the story’s in the US press yesterday told of his Bar Mitzvah. His mom had converted to Judaism when he was a kid, although she never made him convert.

“When I turned 13, she threw me a bar mitzvah, but nobody came because nobody knew what the hell that was. I only had black friends — no one knows what the hell you’re doing. So it was just me and my mom and she’s celebrating and she’s reading things to me in Hebrew,” said Trevor.

He says growing up with Jewish traditions was a ‘gift’ his mother gave him. “My mother’s always looking for answers, she’s always searching for new information,” he said.