Poor Baba – SA Social Media Users Tease Zuma with Jokes & Memes

South Africans have taken to Twitter today to tease (and taunt) President Jacob Zuma, who – after a year in which he’s ducked and dived controversy and allegations of corruption (from his Nkandla house to his ties with the Gupta’s) – still “whinges” that it’s all a plot from outsiders to oust him.

The hashtag #PoorBaba is fast becoming as popular as the #SaxonwoldShebeen trend was.

“Only South Africa can do this,” said one user who was loving the jokes and memes. Another cautioned “I’m sure Zuma is one step away from banning social networks in SA. If you guys don’t force him to step down you roast him. #PoorBaba.”

Here are some of the best Jacob Zuma #PoorBabe Jokes and Memes on Twitter: