#SaxonwoldShebeen Jokes & Memes Brings Out the BEST of South African Humour

After Eskom CEO Brian Molefe made light of his alleged 19 visits to the Gupta Family residence in Johannesburg suburb Saxonwold, Twitter exploded. Molefe said “there’s a shebeen” (to explain his phone records showing he was in the vicinity). Twitter replied with #SaxonwoldShebeen and #PhuzaThursday, displaying some of that fantastic South African humour we love.

As one Twitter user, Ashleigh Tordiffe, said: “Just the fact the there is an actual #SaxonwoldShebeen hashtag makes me #proudlySouthAfrican. Man, but I love this country!”

The Saxonwold Shebeen jokes and memes reference various political events going on in South Africa right now – Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas allegedly being offered a bribe of R600-million in cash by the Gupta’s, President Zuma’s close friendship with the Gupta Family, the President falling asleep during the Finance Minister’s mid-term budget speech, Molefe’s tears in an Eskom press conference this morning…

Here we go. Some of the best #SaxonwoldShebeen tweets:


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