After Eskom CEO Brian Molefe made light of his alleged 19 visits to the Gupta Family residence in Johannesburg suburb Saxonwold, Twitter exploded. Molefe said “there’s a shebeen” (to explain his phone records showing he was in the vicinity). Twitter replied with #SaxonwoldShebeen and #PhuzaThursday, displaying some of that fantastic South African humour we love.

As one Twitter user, Ashleigh Tordiffe, said: “Just the fact the there is an actual #SaxonwoldShebeen hashtag makes me #proudlySouthAfrican. Man, but I love this country!”

The Saxonwold Shebeen jokes and memes reference various political events going on in South Africa right now – Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas allegedly being offered a bribe of R600-million in cash by the Gupta’s, President Zuma’s close friendship with the Gupta Family, the President falling asleep during the Finance Minister’s mid-term budget speech, Molefe’s tears in an Eskom press conference this morning…

Here we go. Some of the best #SaxonwoldShebeen tweets:

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