Private rangers in the Kruger National Park (KNP) have been criticised for allegedly provoking rhinos to charge tourists during a walking safari. YouTube channel ‘Kruger National Park’ – which posts all things related to KNP – have posted the following video, asking: “did the guides provoke this attack? Decide for yourself.”

In their description on the YouTube page, the channel says that the two rangers in the video were working on a private concession within South Africa’s famous national park.

The channel alleges that the men put “the lives of innocent tourists in grave danger. They clearly provoked the Rhinos to charge (maybe looking for a bigger tip) – at one stage the Ranger even pushed the lady in between him and the Rhinos. Guests should Never come between the Guides and the Animals. Never.”

According to the channel one of the guests disclosed that the incident occurred whilst they were on a walking safari and came across seven white rhino.

The ranger didn’t expect them to charge us but explained if they did, to stand behind a bush and they will run straight past,” one of the guests apparently said.

“A few minutes later one of the Rhinos charged towards us, followed by the rest of them. I could feel the ground moving like an earthquake, we jumped into a bush and they thundered past about 4 feet from us, it was all over so quick… but what an experience; it was both exhilarating and scary… and we felt so privileged to have witnessed it.”

The video taker, Andy, said “we were charged by Rhino’s but we felt safe following the rangers instructions “GET IN THE BUSH!!!”. They ran straight by, what an experience.”

Watch Rhinos Charge Tourists on Walking Safari in Kruger National Park

Did the rangers provoke the rhinos?