Crooning in Kroonstad: Joy and #Gratitude as Rains Fall VIDEO

Some rains have been falling down in Free State, South Africa… to the joy of farmers in the area who have been praying for the heavens to open up and irrigate their fields, nourish their starved animals and drench their desperate souls.

And finally it happened! Remi Coetzee captured the following footage of Vals River, Kroonstad, over the weekend… after a wonderful 110 mm rain had fallen within the previous 24 hours.

Remi told SAPeople: “The video was taken on Saturday. We haven’t had that much rain in a very long time… I’m guessing about two years.”

Water Shortage South Africa’s (WSSA) Caroline van Saasen shared Remi’s video, with a message to all those in the WSSA group who have been donating and transporting water to the area, which has been one of the country’s hardest hit during the terrible drought.

Caroline said: “The town in the Free State that YOU send water to? Do you remember the dry river bed? The prayer ribbons in the bridge? Have a look at this and tell me we don’t serve a caring, mercyful God…” She, and many others, thanked God for answering their prayers.

Watch Kroonstad, Vals River, South Africa

Below is another video by Remi of “how the dam looked back in October 2016, when they first started pumping water into our Bloemhoek Dam. I think they had been pumping for a week when I took this video.”

Remi also posted a follow-up video about three weeks after the pumping began, and after the first big rain in a year or two, in November 2016 – watch it here.

February has given some locals a chance to be ‘singing in the rain’… with rainfall experienced in several regions of South Africa, but water restrictions are still in force and the drought is not over.

Watch Kroonstad, Valsrivier Video:

If you can’t view the video above – please watch here:

The latest South African dam level update

  • The Vaal Dam water levels have gone up from 63, 2% last week to 63, 4% this week.
  • The Western Cape System with six dams serving the City of Cape Town was at 40% last week but dipped to 38, 5% this week.
  • The Algoa System increased to 57, 2% this week.
  • The Amatole System dropped slightly to 72, 4% this week.
  • The Umgeni System remained the same at 48, 7% this week.
  • The Bloemfontein System is still at 37, 9% again this week.
  • The Polokwane System is still the same at 48, 7% this week.


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