A regular visitor to the Kruger National Park in South Africa has captured some tender, cruel and heartbreaking footage of a lion playing with his prey… a bleating little newborn antelope.

The video was filmed by Graeme Mitchley, Deputy Principal at an Edenvale school, and uploaded by Latest Sightings.

Graeme told Latest Sightings, when he and his wife first saw the scene they thought it was a lioness carrying her cub.

However, at second glance, it turned out to be a young male carrying a newborn antelope.

“The young lion carried the antelope down into the dry riverbed where we lost visual, but could still hear the antelope bleating.”

Graeme says the lion headed for the riverbed to get away from the white-backed vultures, hooded vultures and marabou storks that were hovering.

“I am not sure what happened to [the newborn’s]┬ámom but she may have been grazing and wandered a bit too far off from her youngster.”

He says: “My wife was almost in tears and given a chance she would have rescued the poor thing.”

Watch: When the Lion Lies Down with the Lamb, Kruger National Park