Elon Musk Foots Bill for Hero Tesla Driver Who Saved Stranger’s Life

A super-hero Tesla driver (and Very Good Samaritan) in Germany has caught the attention of Tesla founder Elon Musk (and most of the world), after risking his life and car to rescue an unconscious driver in a runaway vehicle.

Musk, who grew up in South Africa and now lives in the United States, tweeted on Wednesday: “Congrats to the Tesla owner who sacrificed damage to his own car to bring a car with an unconscious driver safely to a stop!”

German media reported that Manfred Kick (41) witnessed a VW Passat out of control – hitting the guardrail and swerving a few times – on the Autobahn near Munich.

Kick noticed the person in the driver’s seat looked unconscious and, without concern for his own expensive vehicle, drove his $70,000 Tesla Model S in front of the Passat and began tapping his car’s brakes so the Passat hit his back bumper… and eventually both vehicles came to a stop on the motorway.

The Munich Fire Department was called to the scene, and the 47-year-old Passat driver, who is believed to have suffered a stroke, was taken to hospital. According to the German papers Kick probably saved the man’s life. He is now in a stable condition.

For his wonderful selfless act to save a stranger’s life, Elon Musk not only shared the story on Twitter… but later tweeted that “in appreciation, Tesla is providing all repair costs free of charge and expedited”.