The Kalahari is experiencing a miracle this year, according to ‎local Pieter Kotzé‎ who has compiled a video of stunning photographs that showcase the unbelievable transition from barren desert landscape to a luscious green paradise.

Pieter told SAPeople the desert region has transformed into the “Highlands of Scotland” in less than two months.

From this…


To this…

“Since January we have received nearly 400mm of rain,” he says. “Our average rainfall at Mc Carthy’s Rest is about 191mm per year.” The region also had 75mm in December, bringing the total Summer rain to 475mm, and the rains are expected to continue into March and April.

Pieter captured the photos over the past two months from his place of work at Kalahari Rangers farm on the Northern Cape border with Botswana.

“During this 2017 rain season we have been blessed with abundance and we are still counting our blessings,” he says. “What a privilege to live here and capture and share this awesome transformation.”

Kalahari Rangers used to be called Mc Carthy’s Rest. “Today it is a little border post village. The previous owners donated the land for the border posts. On the Botswana side it is also called Mc Carthy’s and the little village even has it’s own Captain.

“Today Kalahari Rangers belongs to a Belgium family who host a luxury lodge for overseas safari visitors.

“Our nearest town is 130km from us and the main town about 200km! So if you need to buy vegetables, you need to travel 400km…”

Watch Miracle Kalahari

Heavy rains have been affecting parts of central and northern South Africa. The SA Weather Service says flood warnings will remain in place in several provinces including the Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. Meanwhile water restrictions are still in place in the Western Cape, and other areas in South Africa.