To celebrate the long-awaited for rain falling down in Cape Town, South Africa, this morning… here are 3 of the best cover versions of Toto’s classic ‘Rain Down in Africa’.

1. Watch Video: Africa – Angel City Chorale

Using a unique intro – the kind that will make you want to rub your hands together! – the Angel City Chorale, from Los Angeles. recorded this video about three years ago… but it’s so good, it keeps going viral on social media again and again.

Perpetuum Jazzile, a vocal group from Slovenia, actually performed this version first in October 2008.

2. Watch Video of ‘Africa’ Lip-Synced by Hollywood Stars

Here’s a romantic, wonderful version of Toto’s ‘Africa’, lip-synced by American actor Dax Shepard and his actress wife Kristen Bell – ‘Dax and Kristen Do Africa’. You can feel the love – for Africa and for each other.

3. Watch Video: Castle Lager ad with homesick South Africans in New York

For the South Africans abroad… here’s an old favourite version of ‘Africa’, a Castle lager beer advert which was uploaded to YouTube in 2007. It depicts some homesick South Africans roasting sausages on a braai on top of a New York penthouse!

And now watch the original by Toto…

Watch Video: Toto – Africa, the official video

Capetonians awoke this morning to some welcome light rain as they battle a long drought