WATCH Cape Town Cycle Tour Full Moon Night Race… with NO Wind

As most people know, the 40th Cape Town Cycle Tour was cancelled last weekend, for the first time in history, due to gale force winds. But what many don’t know is that on every full moon, once a month in Cape Town, there’s a special ‘moonlight mass cycle tour’ around the Mother City!

This year’s Cape Town Cycle Tour coincided with a full moon, so the Cape Town Cycle Tour fell on the same evening.

Tour guide Darren Barker from TravelVids (Things To Do in Cape Town) joined them for a “really great evening, doing the mini night Cape Town cycle tour”. He said: “a couple of spots had some wind but all in all it was loads of fun”, adding “it’s not a race, just fun”!

Don’t miss the Happy Petrol Attendant moment just after 2’15”. Ja Man! “You can always trust the midnight petrol attendants to be in a good mood!”

Cape Town Cycle Tour Full Moon Night Race

Scenes over the weekend when hectic winds forced the first-ever cancellation of the Cape Town Cycle Tour