Twenty-one year old Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters was crowned Miss South Africa 2017 at a gala event at Sun City on Sunday evening. 

(UPDATE 27 November 2017: South Africa’s Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has been crowned Miss Universe!)

Here are 10 things you should know about Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters…

  1. She hails from Sedgefield in the Western Cape.
  2. She’s a B.Com Business Management and Entrepreneurship graduate.
  3. Demi-Leigh is a part-time model for Boss Models in Joburg and Vision Management in Cape Town.
  4. Her Miss SA princesses are: Adè van Heerden from the Western Cape (1st Princess) and Boipelo Mabe from Gauteng.
  5. She previously won Miss Varsity Cup 2015 and was a Top 5 finalist in Miss Teen SA in 2010.
  6. Her biggest “motivator in life” is her half-sister Franje (10) who is disabled after being born without a cerebellum.
  7. She loves making handmade cards and scrapbooking.
  8. According to her biography on the Miss South Africa site, Demi-Leigh admires women like Marissa Mayer, the first female engineer and then CEO of Yahoo – “women who don’t only strive to be the equals of men, but who strive to live up to their full potential.”
  9. She considers herself “extremely blessed to have four amazing parents” who are her biggest supporters and have always believed in her. Her mom (“my absolute rock”) and step-dad live in Sedgefield. Her father recently made his dream come true by opening a guest house in Potchefstroom.
  10. She was the first girl in her high school to be appointed head girl of the school and hostel. She was also Deputy Junior Mayor of the George City Council in Grade 11.
  11. She loves the outdoors – hiking, running and taking her two Yorkies Benji and Baxter for walks.
  12. Her music preferences range from Adele and Taylor Swift to Beethoven.
  13. Suits is her favourite TV show.
  14. She loves tucking in to “oxtail in a red wine reduction served with samp”.
  15. Her favourite saying is one by Albert Einstein: “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no-one else has ever been before.”

Watch Miss South Africa Talk About the competition being more than just being pretty:

Watch Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Crowned Miss South Africa

Boipela Mabe was also a hot favourite for many South Africans: