Oakbay Release Scathing Statement Regarding Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan

Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments says it is “delighted” with the outcome of today’s events in Court… referring to issues with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his Deputy Mcebisi Jonas.

Ronica Ragavan, Acting CEO of Oakbay Investments, said: “We are delighted that the FIC report, Deputy Minister Jonas’s affidavit and any reference to either of them have been struck from the Finance Minister’s application.”

The statement issued by Oakbay did not mention that the Court also struck their political conspiracy claims against Gordhan.

Instead the Statement boasted that “as the Court agreed, the report and the Jonas affidavit are irrelevant to the application” and claimed “they serve no purpose but to further the Minister’s own political agenda and to tarnish the Group’s image.”

Ragavan said: “For months we have said the list of 72 transactions has been a tool to smear our name and drive unsubstantiated negative media coverage of our business and our shareholders.

“When attached to a totally unnecessary application, with no contested legal issue, it becomes clear what the Finance Minister is up to.

“Now we want the information we need to prove our innocence. We call on the Finance Minister, the banks, the FIC and anyone with the power and authority to release the full details of the 72 transactions so that we can identify them. The truth will come out in the end and today is just the start.”

Yesterday President Jacob Zuma rescinded on approval he had granted for Gordhan and Jonas to conduct an investment trip to the UK and US, and called for Gordhan’s immediate return as he was already in London. (Jonas had not yet left.) Today, when asked why he was recalled, Gordhan told reporters to ask Zuma.

In a column on News 24, renowned South African writer Max du Preez predicts that Gordhan will be fired today, or in the follow few days, because the Guptas want him gone “no matter what the consequences for the South African economy”.