EFF: “Not Even Jik Can Clean Zuma’s Image”, President Must Face Impeachment

EFF leader Julius Malema delivered a court application to the Constitutional Court in Braamfontein Thursday to order the Speaker of Parliament to institute impeachment or disciplinary proceedings against South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma. Malema also said the EFF will support any motion that calls for No Confidence in President Zuma, as submitted by the DA earlier today… and has a tip for ANC members who are too scared to vote against their leader.

In a statement earlier today, the EFF said it is exactly one  year since the Concourt handed down its historic judgment in the EFF’s Nkandla application. “Since then we have made numerous appeals and wrote several letters to the Speaker of Parliament. All have fallen on deaf ears and have been met with violence by Parliament on EFF MPs.

“We approach the Constitutional Court as a last resort based on the belief that Zuma’s conduct around the Nkandla matter, both inside and outside of Parliament, renders him unfit to hold the high office of President of the Republic of South Africa.

If the application is successful then Baleka Mbele will have no option but to put Zuma on trial so that he can answer directly to the people of South Africa.

Addressing the media outside the court, Malema said the EFF will “support any motion that calls for No Confidence in President Zuma”. Malema said once Zuma announces the removal of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas “that will be the end of his journey as the president”.

He said whilst the majority of the ANC don’t agree with Zuma, they fear speaking out “because he will expose their skeletons”.

To them – he advises abstaining. “We’re not asking ANC MPs to vote with opposition, but to vote out the President they should rather abstain.”

Malema said that Zuma claims Gordhan’s trip to London was aimed at collapsing the South African economy, but that Zuma’s sources have no evidence to prove this. He said the “intelligence report is in our hands” and described it as a “propagation of stories” that have many untruths.

He said “not even Jik can clean Zuma’s image. You clean today, and tomorrow he messes is up again!”

Regarding the EFF’s application for impeachment, Malema said Parliament must do its constitutional duty, and “we are here to ask the court to ask Parliament to do its job!” There must be a process in Parliament to hold Zuma accountable, he said. “It’s our job as MPs.”

In an exclusive report Thursday afternoon Reuters claim that Zuma is negotiating a deal with ANC opponents – who support Gordhan – whereby Zuma may step down as President in 2018 (a year before his term ends), if Gordhan is removed now.