WATCH Maimane’s Impassioned Speech. Malema Says Victory Certain. March On Tomorrow

Opposition parties have reacted with more passion, and conviction to march tomorrow, following President Jacob Zuma’s attempts to paint the marches last week as ‘racist’!

The Democratic Alliance (DA) uploaded this video of their leader Mmusi Maimane, passionately imploring South Africans to march on for a better future.

The DA said: “Please WATCH and SHARE! – We will NOT be divided, we are UNITED ??☝️On Friday, 7 April, Thousands of South Africans came together across race, religion and political affiliation in protection of our democracy. This is the movement for CHANGE – Zuma must GO!”

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have also called on South Africans to “resist the confusion and convolution Zuma wants to create about the marches” and have urged South Africans to come out in even bigger numbers to call for his resignation.

EFF leader Julius Malema tweeted on Friday: “Unity of purpose, Now or Never. People’s power in action, Victory is Certain…”

Watch Mmusi Mamaine on March for Change

If your device cannot view the video above, watch below:

Reasons why the opposition parties are united in calling for the ANC to recall Zuma, or Zuma to resign: