Beautiful Flight Over Hout Bay Harbour, South Africa…

By Justin Sullivan

The first few months of 2017 have been both exhilarating and concerning for many South Africans. We have witnessed some great moments and some terrifying ones… writes JUSTIN SULLIVAN.

I tend to expose the hard truths of reality sometimes (with photographs from the Western Cape fires to children in townships), and even though it may be for a good cause – it’s not always easy on the eyes and heart.

So, I took my first flight yesterday morning and came up with something a bit more soothing for a change.

Without forgetting the challenges we face as a nation today, tomorrow and for years to come… I wanted to show something light, to remind us that we share this world with so many, and it is absolutely beautiful.

All Text and Photos © Justin Sullivan. Republished here with kind permission of SullivanPhotography

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