EFF Joins UDM Application for Secret Ballot After ‘Selfish’ Zuma Opposes Secrecy

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EDF) has announced that it will join the UDM application at the Constitutional Court for parliament to provide a secrete ballot on the vote of the motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

National spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Quinton Ndlozi, said: “This is following Zuma’s own opposing papers in which he essentially, in a morally degenerate move, opposes the granting of a secret ballot that will be concerned with him.

“Zuma has opened a way for the EFF because we reject and despise the self-centred and selfish way in which he wants to dictate how MPs should express their confidence or none-thereof in him.

“When he launched opposing papers of a motion that will be about him he declared war against the very freedom we believe the secret ballot seeks to protect.

“How lowly must a leader in a democratic society be that like Zuma, he wants to hold on to power at all costs.

“Zuma, who represents a different organ of the state, the executive, should have allowed parliament to resolve its internal processes with the guidance of the courts about how to handle a motion of no confidence in him as a president.”