Calling All South African Expats Who Once Lived in Benoni

Are you a Benonian living abroad? If so – the Benoni City Times would like to share your story.

They say “once a Benonian, always a Benonian”. And that counts for stars like Charlize Theron who was born here, and Charlene Wittstock – now Princess Charlene of Monaco – who grew up here.

The City Times will be running a series of articles on expats “who once lived in the beautiful town of Benoni”… and would love for you to contact them.

The kinds of questions they’ll ask include a little on your new life abroad… but more on what your memories are of the old mining town, and what you miss the most.

“You will also be given the opportunity to direct questions at us – all in the hope of reconnecting with your home town,” says the paper.

For instance, they ask, did you know that “Benoni’s Mountain” is almost a thing of the past?

If you’re a Benonian living abroad, please write to:

Benoni Pics to take you down memory lane…