Unexpected turbulence has caused multiple injuries – some serious – on a flight between Moscow and Bangkok, and is making headlines around the world… as a reminder to air travellers to always buckle up when seated on a plane.

At least 27 passengers were injured on the Aeroflot aircraft about 40 minutes before landing. They were immediately rushed to hospitals once the plane touched down in Bangkok, Thailand. So far 11 have reportedly been discharged, leaving approximately 16 still hospitalised.

A video filmed after the incident, apparently by passenger Evgenia Zibrova, has been uploaded to YouTube. She said: “Numerous air pockets one hour before landing led to broken bones, internal and external bleeding. Lots of people from the tail cabin have broken their noses, several people have probably broken their spines. Babies are covered in bruises, people lost consciousness.” (Watch below.)

The Russian Embassy reported that most suffered fractures and bruises, but “some require surgery”. The Embassy said the “more or less serious” injuries were caused by passengers not wearing their seat belts.

In a statement Monday, Aeroflot said the captain had not asked passengers to sit down and buckle up before the 777-300 flew into the turbulence because it had not been possible to predict this type of turbulence.

Aeroflot said the captain has over 23,000 hours of experience flying, and the co-pilot over 10,500.

Evegenia said: “Thanks that we are still alive. Aeroflot, please help these people.”

Watch Accident on board after Aeroflot plane hits turbulence between Moscow and Bangkok