Capetonians Can’t Believe Their Eyes as SA Film Makers Perform Heart-Stopping Stunt

The innovative South African film-makers of ‘Bypass’ – Africa’s first medical thriller – recently created a heart-stopping, head-turning scene in Cape Town with their creative guerrilla marketing campaign!

They drove through Cape Town with two doctors on the back of a truck, performing surgery on a model body. It stopped Capetonians in their tracks! And tourists…

One spectator, Seony Davids, and her daughter were caught unawares and said: “We could not believe what we were seeing! Amazing marketing.”

Bypass stars Natalie Becker, Hakeem Kae-Kazim,Deon Lotz and Greg Kriek. According to the official website: “When the medical system that Dr Lisa Cooper (head of cardiac surgery) has worked in for so many years starts to fail her, she turns her back on what she has always believed in and gets lured into an organ smuggling syndicate in order to save her son’s life…”

Watch Bypass Guerrilla Marketing

Lisa and her son secretly head off to a clinic in East Africa… but once there, her son is taken and used as a pawn to force Lisa into performing a heart transplant for a wealthy American patient.

“Knowing that in order to harvest a heart and perform the transplant, she will need to take the life of a young, innocent girl to get Sam back, she is faced with the devastating reality that some lives may simply be more valuable than others…”

Watch Bypass – Official Trailer

How's this for advertising. #bypassmovie

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