Opposition Parties March Arm in Arm to ConCourt for Secret Ballot Hearing

Opposition party members marched arm in arm Monday morning from Mary Fitzgerald Square to the Constitutional Court where arguments are being heard today on whether a secret ballot should be conducted when Members of Parliament vote on a Motion of No Confidence against President Jacob Zuma.

The EFF said: “The masses have come out in numbers to guard [and] fight the intimidation of public representatives with the duty of removing Zuma! #SecretBallot.”

DA leader Mmusi Maimane said they were gathered together outside the ConCourt to “defend our freedom”.

He said: “The future of our country lies in the hands of 400 Members of Parliament who have sworn to be faithful to the Republic of South Africa. Very soon, that oath of office will be put to the test…

“They did not swear to be faithful to Jacob Zuma, or to the ANC, or to the Guptas. They promised to be faithful to South Africa, and to the Constitution.

“And this is all we ask of them today. We ask them to put South Africa first. No more, no less.

“No matter what the Constitutional Court decides today – secret ballot or not – all we ask is that Members of Parliament vote with their conscience.”


Maimane said: “The future should not be decided in Luthuli House or in Saxonwold. It should be decided in Parliament.”

Watch LIVE: ConCourt Hears Secret Ballot application by opposition parties