Graduate Thanks Security Guard Dad for Putting Her Through University

Software developer Thobile Mabanga (Thoby) rocked Twitter yesterday with her heartfelt gratitude to her father… whose hard work and dedication has paid off to give her a better future.

Thoby posted a photo of her graduation from Tshwane University of Technology, standing alongside her proud dad – whom she’d dressed up in her graduation gear – and said:

“My Dad???❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️thank you for taking me to varsity even though you are a security guard ????this is for you. I love you ?”

The young graduate, who is from Witbank in South Africa according to her Twitter profile, said in another tweet that during the first year of her studies she used to sleep without food.

She said after five years she now has “proud family, proud self… I’m a certified software deveoper”.

Her tweet, from Friday afternoon, has already had over 21,000 likes and was the number one trend in Kenya.

Most users took to Twitter to congratulate her and her father (wishing all dads could be like him), and to encourage her to flourish… but there were some who criticised Thoby for her dress.

One said: “As a sign of respect and honour for your HERO dad the least you could have done is dress appropriately.”

Thoby has spent Saturday morning responding to many. To the above she said: “Sign of respect? Do you know my dad ? My dad loves my dress boo ?remember he is my father and I’m his daughter ❣️”

She said her dad would tell her if he didn’t like it. To another she said: “Dad said my dress is proper ? what you just wrote is null and void to me ?”

The dress was a dream in itself for Thoby, who had seen it worn by SA celebrity Melody Molale. “I wanted it so bad??I even dreamed about it?,” said Thoby.

But mostly, Thoby’s appreciative tweet for a very special father – who has changed the future of his daughter, to have more opportunities than he could ever have dreamed of – has drawn gratitude and inspiration.

Anele Magajana wrote: “‏Congratulations! Thank you for this. I feel more motivated to make my mom, who is also a security guard, proud too like you did to your dad.”