Africa Check has been busy today, sorting fact from fiction, for those who may have been a little confused by some of the posts being shared about the #CapeStorm.

Cape Town vlogger RyGuySA started a storm with his video of a tornado seen approaching Cape Town. “This is crazy! #CapeTown #capestorm #weatherforecast,” he wrote. See video below.

He was pretty honest though, admitting later: “Yes that’s Cape Town. But tornado ain’t local. It’s from Texas, and got inserted with some CGI #CapeTownStorm.” Watch it here:

Watch fake tornado approaches Cape Town

As one facebook user said of the tornado, which was twisting on the spot: “Typical Capetonian tornado. It’s chilling while it’s working!” Others asked if anybody has spotted the lawn mower guy ahead of the tornado.

Someone else posted the below photo and said: “Just drove down flooded road in Blouberg and there’s a great white trapped in the construction section. #capestorm.” Not true.

There was also this photo claiming to be Hout Bay, but – according to JG van Zyl – it’s Michigan, USA, in 2015. Van Zyl said: “Please stop fakenews. #capestorm is serious enough.”

Africa Check was kept busy today…

One of the many joke memes for #CapeStorm