Remember ‘Lawn Mower Guy’? The South African expat in Canada who made headlines around the world when he insisted on finishing up with the mowing of his lawn… even though a massive tornado was looming in the background?

Well, that guy – Theunis Wessels – was honoured by his local town of Three Hills in Alberta, on Saturday, with his own float in the town’s parade!

A local resident, named ‘Mich’, tweeted photos of the parade saying he couldn’t stop laughing! (Theunis is still so popular, Mich’s tweet has been viewed over 1.8-million times!)

At the time that the incredible photo of Theunis – taken by his wife Cecilia – went viral, Theunis told reporters ‘mowing the lawn’ had been on his To Do List, and he didn’t want to skip it just because of a mega tornado.

He famously said he “was keeping an eye on it”… and the town made sure that quote was included on the back of his trailer.

Whilst the tornado itself apparently caused minimal damage… Cecilia’s photo created quite a storm around the world, launching a thousand ‘lawn mower guy’ memes (well, lots) like the one below of the Titanic.

Cecilia told local media she had simply taken the photo to show her family back home in South Africa. By ‘family’ she may as well have meant the whole of South Africa… since South Africans have been taking to social media to proudly claim Theunis as one of their own – with many saying only a South African would be this tough… or this crazy!