Charlize Theron: “SA is an incredible place. If you’ve never been – go!”

Charlize Theron has proved in a televised interview, filmed last week, that she’s just like most South African expats – proud of her homeland and still in love with Mrs Balls chutney. There just is no substitute!

Speaking to TV presenters Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, Charlize encouraged viewers to visit her beautiful homeland. She said she still goes back “a lot”, but usually in SA’s winter because that’s the ‘summer vacation’ time for her two small children.

She then added: “But the┬ásummers there are incredible. South Africa is an incredible place. If you’ve never been – go!”

Charlize also explained the phenomenon of Mrs Balls Chutney which every good expat hunts down when they move abroad! She said with SA having the biggest Indian population outside of India, it meant that South Africans have a lot of chutney… and revealed she even puts it on her spaghetti bolognese!

In an interview with SAPeople a few years ago, Charlize told us how one of the first things she did when she moved to LA was find a South African supplier – a guy by the name of William – from whom she would source her favourite SA goodies like Mrs Balls, Rooibos tea and biltong.

She also told SAPeople how she learnt to speak English properly at 19, by watching American television all day long when she first moved to the States. As she’s grown up in Benoni, with Afrikaans being predominantly spoken around her, she hadn’t had many opportunities to learn English properly.

Speaking on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’, Charlize said she still speaks her mother tongue a lot, since her mom lives just two miles away.

Charlize Theron talks about learning English, eating Mrs Balls… and her “incredible South Africa”

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