How to Toyi Toyi: A Tutorial for White People Marching for the First Time

If you’re planning on joining a march today to call for the removal of President Jacob Zuma, learn how to toyi toyi first with radio presenter and comedian Viv Vermaak (and creator of the Daily Zumpi page!).

Viv says the video will show people “how to blend in seamlessly on a March as a white person…”

But add: “Seriously, folks! Get involved, stay positive and be respectful of all views, regardless of where or how you ‘march’.

“If you do march, try to toyi-toyi. The power of the sheer numbers, the exhiliration of the physical exercise, sense of being infused with revolution and a new future will bring you something you had thought you’d lost – HOPE!”

GOING SOMEWHERE WITH VIV! VIDEO ON HOW TO TOYI TOYI!How to blend in seamlessly on a March as a white person …(I understand now how the power of the combination of the physical exertion, sense of unity and purpose can win revolutions and take back South Africa. Have a good march, everyone.)Viva!#goingsomewherewithviv #zumamustfall[like,comment,share]

Posted by Viv Vermaak on Friday, April 7, 2017