Chris Hani’s Killer Janusz Walus Denied Parole

The parole application by Chris Hani’s killer, Janusz Walus, has been denied.

Justice Minister Michael Masutha made the announcement in Pretoria on Friday morning and explained how he came to his decision… including that the psychologist’s report highlighted that Walus still poses a threat.

The report states that “regarding empathy, it can be said that he [Walus] expressed remorse for the fact that the victim’s children are  fatherless and the wife is a widow… however he showed no remorse for murdering Chris Hani the communist leader. He still rationalises his actions and insists that they were politically motivated. His ideas about communism still stand.”

Masutha said that this shows there is a continued existence of the primary motive that led to Walus commiting the offence in the first place. He therefore continues to be a security threat.

Watch Justice Minister Michael Masutha explains his decision to deny parole to Janusz Walus.