Coming Up on Carte Blanche: Zimbabwe, Stock Theft and Mass Surveillance

Here’s this week’s extended 90-minute Carte Blanche line-up, available for South Africans in SA on Sunday and for expats from Tuesday on Showmax International.

Stock Theft

Usually when a criminal is sentenced to serve time behind bars, that marks the end of his unlawful activities. But one scamster in the Free State has been running a sophisticated operation, stealing from desperate farmers – seemingly from within his cell – inside Kroonstad Prison. From cattle, to sheep – livestock theft has been taken to a whole new level.  Carte Blanche investigates this cunning conman.

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Zimbabwe: A New Dawn?

Could this week’s events in #Zimbabwe be the change Zimbabweans have been waiting for? Carte Blanche unpacks the dramatic events on Sunday, getting in-depth analysis on the latest political developments.

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Weapons of Mass Surveillance

The digital age has heralded new unprecedented means of surveillance, and as more of our personal information goes online, our lives are now subject to State-sponsored espionage. Governments with dubious human rights records are using mass surveillance technology to thoroughly track and quell any murmurs of dissent – and Western companies are providing the technology to do so. (Producer: Journeyman)

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