Zimbabweans Ask SADC to STOP Interfering with Political Transition

Zimbabweans are imploring the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to stop interfering with the current political transition in their country, accusing the inter-governmental organisation of caring more about presidents than the people.

Using the hashtag #SADCBackOffZim, several Zimbabweans have sent messages asking the SADC to stay out of it, and let Zimbabwe take care of its own problems. A petition has also been set up, which has already gathered more than 19,000 signatures.

One Zimbabwean explained on Twitter: “SADC is like a group of relatives who gather around a raped niece to ask her to forgive her uncle… No one recognises that the uncle is to blame…”

Journalist Trevor Ncube tweeted: “Dear SADC , AU, EU, US We plead with you to stay out of the political stand off in Zimbabwe. 37yrs of your errors of commission and omission has hurt us. We are very clear what we want and you can’t help. Sincerely Trevor Ncube Long Suffering Citizen who loves Zimbabwe dearly.”

Tweeting the SABC, another Zimbabwean social media user said: “Kindly take note that this is our position and kindly tell Zuma and his Troika that this is our position.”

The full petition:


The Zimbabweans and International Humanitarian community asked you to help Zimbabweans in their struggle against a dictator and you said, “Zimbabwe is a sovereign state and the people of Zimbabwe must fix their own problems themselves”.

WE therefore kindly ask you to allow the people of Zimbabwe to do just that. The Zimbabwe Defence forces is made up of Zimbabweans and the army takeover though not ideal is indeed Zimbabweans fixing their problems themselves. WE are fully supportive of the army stepping in as they should have done many years ago.

As you gather in Botswana today, please drink your tea and biscuits and watch on your tv’s the same way you did for 37 years. There is no need at this time for you to do anything but business as usual. We speak for many people when we say we hoped and prayed for this day for long and now that it’s here, DON’T mess it up for us. If you love Mugabe so much you can have him all to yourselves, we will even throw in a 50 something year old lady as a bonus.

We hope for Zimbabweans you will consider our request. If you take any action, you will be going against the Zimbabwean army and all the Zimbabwean civillians in and outside the country.

Yours sincerely



The petition: