Peaceful and emotional scenes have been witnessed in Zimbabwe today as tens of thousands came out in force to march alongside the army and call for President Robert Mugabe to step down. See videos and images below.

According to journalist Trevor Ncube, the mood on the streets of Harare was “festive and celebratory”.

Trevor tweeted a message to the world:

Dear World,

We are fully aware of the possible risks and pitfalls beyond this tipping point. We are confident we will be equal to the challenges. Yes we remember Egypt too.
After 37 years of repression allow us to soak-in this moment.


The Zimbabwe journalist said the general sentiment of the people in the country is, as described by one of his followers, “I can’t believe this… it’s like l am dreaming, thank you Lord.” The people are hoping for a #FreshStart…

In Cape Town:

In Belfast:

Yesterday’s call to march today:

This is what we were all afraid of. Please share the hell out of this!

Posted by Fiona Hickman on Thursday, November 16, 2017